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É um espaço aberto aos amantes e praticantes do desenho de observação, nascidos ou residentes na Região Autónoma da Madeira, que queiram partilhar os desenhos/sketches que realizam em folhas, blocos, cadernos de viagens, ou em diários gráficos.

terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

Free Bingo...with writing and Sketch

I see all the faces, same faces, here once again.  Excitement and Hope, that they win a good amount of money. All hopes put in these little books with a few pages on them. Too much responsibility for such papers, full of numbers and squares waiting for people to put a dot ink on them.
                Young and old, all eager for those lucky numbers… for those extra pounds. Some of them don’t even realize that the money they spend on the boards, food and drinks is more than the amount of some prizes…
                I see a big room packed with people, some with their friends, other’s with their families. Some I know. Interesting two months and I already know so many of them. Mainly thanks to my sis, Gill. She introduces me to everyone and anyone… Bless her…
                I see faces bored, tired from a long day of work, some of them bored of not doing anything… Maybe thinking about their sad jobs and their “sad” families and they don’t want to go back too… Lost eyes looking nowhere…
                I see two new faces sitting down on our table “How are they?” I asked myself on the way to the toilets. Friends with Gill probably.
                Toilets smelling of cleaning product. They’re too cold. Gossip with Becky nearly peed myself for it… We women, sometimes, are sad. We know.
                Came back from the toilet, the couple are friends to Jodie and not Gill. Still me and Becky are not introduced. It’s a bit awkward been on table with people and not talking with them.
                I see empty glasses on this table of ours, Becky playing cards with Tony. Tony is trying his best not to show boredom. “Nice couple” I think to my bottoms.
                I look at Gill she looks bored playing her boards. Hoping that the free event will be soon continued, to win money…. She needs tobacco desperately.
                I smell hot dog, vinegar chips….it’s making me sick. I can feel the air conditioned it’s fresh but not strong enough to take this awful smell away from me.
                My mood it’s not the best today. I’ve not been sleeping that much. Keep waking up after closing my eyes. I miss my cats, my cat-daughters. After Thomas they’re my live. It feels like I abandoned two of my kids behind. A day doesn’t go by without me crying missing them… Of course, I’m really discrete because of my son. He misses them also.
                I see everyone grabbing the dabbler, the free event it’s going to continue after a break.
                Here I go again. “22, all the two’s, 22”

P.S. I don’t like to gamble, I don’t support it. This is a free event. No money was spent and no money was won.

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Ana Aguilar disse...

I can totally relate to each of your feelings, and I wish I could give you a big hug and a smile right now.

Anónimo disse...

Thanks Ana

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